• If you are looking for someone who can help communicate an idea to an audience you are at the right (web)adres. However simple or complicated. Maybe you only need to explain the mechanics of something; a machine or a dance move. Maybe you would like to explain something about lifestyle choices and need to help your clients be enthusiastic about changes they can make, or maybe you want to help high school kids think about the responsibilities in love, relationships and sex without either scaring them or making them rush into things they might not be ready to face. I love to help.
    With a bachelor in industrial design, one in graphic design and a master in graphic narrative (cum laude) I’m perfectly equipped to analyse a target group and send a tailored message.
    Like to know more? Please contact me.

CUM LAUDE Master Graphic Narrative

Last year I graduated from LUCA School of Arts in Brussels ‘with honours’. 🙂 My thesis was about (and called) ‘the importance of seamingly irrelevant details’. If you like (and you can read Dutch) you can download it here. (It is a A5 booklet.) My master project was a graphic novel about language, love and … Continue reading

Food and kids…

For a workshop of Health Organisation of The Hague I was asked tot draw some situations that might occure when you confont a child with food…

In Good Shape too/two! (Lekker Fit! 2)

4 new comics (in Dutch) for Rotterdam Lekker Fit! (in Good Shape!) and primary school children to promote the drinking of water. They featured in the Nederlandse Hart Stichting magazine (Dutch Heart Organisation).   The first comic is for 4 and 5 years old explaines everything needs water. The second is for 6 to 8 … Continue reading

7 Comics on Health and Pregnancy

The 7 animations on pregnancy and health made into 7 easily printable comics for the Health Department of The Heagh, ETV.nl and Oefenen.nl.

7 Animations on Health and Pregnancy

Based on the Nine Months Game I illustrated and designed for SpelopMaat.com and the Health Department of the cities Rotterdam and The Hague and the x-rated flowcart for the Health Department of The Hague, I was asked to make 7 animations on pregnancy and health in the same style for a cooperation between the Health … Continue reading

The Taj Mahal wasn’t build in one day…

A golden oldie… By coincidence I talked to two people this month who asked me if I had something to do with ‘De Taalcampagne’ (The Language Campaign) from 2007. Indeed I did. And I am so glad (and a little proud) that it is still so appreciated :-). I haven’t published it here earlier, because … Continue reading

In Good Shape! (Lekker Fit!)

For a few years now I’m helping the city of Rotterdam with their Lekker Fit! (In Good Shape!) Campaign. Obesity is a serious health thread today. 1 in 4 school children is obese. I drew instruction postcards for health birthday treats, instructions for healthy morning habits. Elaborated posters to aid in conversations between schools and … Continue reading

Lets talk about sex…

Happy Valentine! Starting this day it is De Maand van de Liefde (The Month of Love) on Dutch ‘high schools’. This poster was designed and published for teens in this special month. It was made for the GGD Den Haag (Public Health Department of the city The Hague) to help in choices and conversations about love, sexuality … Continue reading

Healthy Pregnancy Board Game

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on this board game for one of my favourit clients Spel op Maat (and the city of Rotterdam and The Hague). It’s an educational game (to be played under the guidance of proffesionals) to exchange knowledge and experience and help in making better choices regarding a healthy pregnancy. … Continue reading

Folded and embroidered PERSONAL PLUMAGE

I never lost my love for 3D design. With a graphic approach I like to work on fabric and started a little brand named PERSONAL PLUMAGE. I shape clothing to accent the body. Subtle lines, forms and folds guiding the eye towards the most beautiful curves. Folded Embroidered 3/4 Sleeve Shirt Super soft 100% combed … Continue reading